I was born in Anthala in Madagascar in 1981.  I currently reside in France, but my heart will always belong to the place and the people of my birth.  ANTALAHA is a small village in the Northeast of Madagascar and like many parts of Madagascar the village is a place of many conflicting stories.  It is a place of great natural beauty, yet a place with much poverty.  It is a place of great hope, yet a place of despair.   In many ways, the story of my village is very much my story.

I was raised as a child by a lady I called ‘Grandma’.  She is not my natural Grandmother by birth but she is the lady that saved me  and gave me the chance of life.  We had very little growing up in this very poor part of our world, but we had what is so often forgotten – LOVE -RESPECT  and COURAGE.  Love for each other and our neighbours; respect for ourselves and our culture, courage to sacrifice without expectation.

I have left Antalaha now, but I have not forgotten where I came from and the people who are still there.  There are so many people with so little.  People without food, children without shelter, hospitals without Doctors or medicine.  Have we really become a responsable global village when we can accept that a lack of food and medicine is acceptable?

As I explained, I was saved by a beautiful lady with a giving heart who gave me a chance to live.  I took the opportunity when many others had no such chance.  It is out of respect of my Grandmother and her love for me, and to all the people who were not given that chance, that I am dedicating my life to helping the people of Anthala and the villages of Northeast Madagascar.  I hope you will join with me to help those in desperate need.  Just by reading this and learning more through my website you are helping to raise awareness, so I thank you.

Sonia MARIE,


FRANÇAIS     —————–      —————————— —————————-       ————————————–    —————————————-    ———————————–     —————————-   —————–       —————   ————————-

Je suis née a Antalaha Madagascar en 1981. La France ou je réside actuellement est ma terre d’adoption, mais mon cœur reste attaché a mon lieu de naissance et  aux gens de ma terre natale.  ANTALAHA  est une Ville dans le nord de Madagascar. c’est un lieu d’une grande beauté naturelle, mais aussi beaucoup de pauvreté. c’est une zone de grande détresse qui espère un meilleur avenir. J’ai été élevé par ma grand-Mère adoptive. Sa générosité et son dévouement pour son entourage et sa communauté m’ont donnée envie de faire de même.

J’ai eu la chance d’avoir un parcours personnel gratifiant et je veux en faire profiter mon pays. J’ai donc décidé  d’aider  Madagascar, en particulier la région SAVA, où j’ai grandi. Au cours de ces dernières années et jusqu’à présent j’ai participé  à des projets d’aide  à Madagascar. Aujourd’hui je veux construire et porter des projets. Pour atteindre cet objectif  j’ai fondé l’ ONG MADA CHARITY.

Sonia Marie.





One thought on “ABOUT ME

  1. Misaotra anao tsy magnadigna tananan-tsika Mademoiselle. ato zahay miventy kabaro! Mba mamangia kony ééééééééééé!


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