To promote sustainable development

Sustainable development means “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

– Health – Education  – School Supplies  – Reforestation.   – Electrification -green energy- 

the preservation, conservation, and the protection of the environment and the prudent use of resources, including, in particular, the use of renewable energy.
To advance the education of the public in subjects relating to sustainable development and the protection, enhancement and rehabilitation of the environment and to promote the study and research in such subjects provided that the useful results of such study are disseminated to the public at large.


Together, we can help each other.  Our work depends on the gifts of those who believe in our vision and mission.


Project name:  HEALTH Center Rehabilitation.

Location: Morafeno  – SAMBAVA-

Project Number: 006-206

Country: Madagascar

Type of organization: HEALTH.

Morafeno Village  is tucked away in the middle of the lush forest. Only one muddy and bumpy road leads to the village. It is 27km from the nearest town, SAMBAVA. The area is nearly inaccessible by vehicles during the rainy season because of the lack of roads. The rainy season lasts for six months. This means that for six months, it makes it all the more difficult for people to be treated, due to lack of supplies, and inaccessibility by road.

The health center was started by the community in 1965. After the devastation of cyclone Jaya in 2007, the building was severely damaged. About 80% of the building was damaged and it has impacted the performance of the center. In 2014, rehabilitation projects were started. The building is made of wood and its infrastructure still remains highly vulnerable to cyclones. This part of the country is prominent to cyclones, which is why it is important to focus on strengthening the entire infrastructure.

A health center base there was set up by the Community itself in 1965. After the passage of the cyclone Jaya in 2007, the building was severely damaged (80% damage) and this has impacted much on performance the Centre. In 2014, efforts have been made to his rehabilitation. But being made of wood and still dilapidated, infrastructure remains highly vulnerable to hurricane hazards, the region is a region often faced with this problem, which is why this project is mounted.

_______________________       _________________________________________      ___________________________________


Project Name:  School equipment.
Location: Belfort ” lepers Village” ANTALAHA

Project Number: 008-206

Country: Madagascar
Type of organization: Education

___________      ___________________________________   _________________ _____

Project Name:  Reforestation, Hygiene workshop

Location: Public School Ambodikakazo ANTALAHA

Project Number: 0010-206

Country: Madagascar

__________________________        ___________        ______________________       __________________________________

Project Name: PUBLIC LIBRARY .
Location:  ANTALAHA

Project Number: 0012-206

Country: Madagascar
Type of organization: Education


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